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PackVERTISE for Advertisers

Looking to get new online customers into your online store?
Inserts are a perfect way to reach online buyers in an positive moment!
Whether you need to reach a broad audience or a highly targeted
group of customers, we can offer a perfect fit by matching you with
our online sellers. We offer different insert and campaign formats and
will tailor a campaign to your personal needs.

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   Advertisers    Online Sellers

Advertisers and agencies

•   Reach active online buyers on eBay and other online channels
•   Distribute your campaign over more than 350 online sellers
•   Reach more than half a million contacts per month
•   Select your target group (e.g., female, age 30-45, fashion)

Online sellers and shops

•   Earn money with package inserts
•   Free participation and low effort
•   More value for your customers
•   Free services for online retailers