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Services for Online Sellers

PackVERTISE is your partner when it comes to generating additional revenue streams in e-commerce.

We connect online sellers with advertisers online sellers can earn extra money by adding attractive vouchers to shipments and offer additional value to customers.

You choose which inserts you want to send out and simply order these online we ship these to you free of charge, you send them out, report back and then get paid for your efforts.

Find out more about our services and become a part of the PackVERTISE-network today!

For our partners, we offer the following services:

01 | Paid Inserts

Package inserts offer your customers an attractive value in the form of online coupons, product samples or give-aways.
Whether you are sending out letters, parcels or packages, distributing insert with your shipments is an extra income, low-effort and free.

Sign up today and select up to 3 inserts, which we will deliver for free to your address.

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02 | Feedback inserts for eBay-Sellers

We offer Feedback inserts for eBay sellers explaining the feedback process for eBay and asking unhappy buyers to contact you before leaving bad feedback, these inserts can help you improve your overall feedback.

In addition to the feedback info on one side of the insert, the backside features an attractive voucher as "thank you" to customers (e.g. Free Photo Poster).

And the best thing is: we provide these inserts to you for free!

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