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In just 4 easy steps

from your registration at PackVERTISE to
your first campaign credit!

•  Registering and becoming part of the PackVERTISE-Network
•  Ordering new inserts
•  Reporting distributed quantities and updating campaigns
•  Ending a campaign and receiving credit

01 | Registering and becoming part of the PackVERTISE-Network

Register an account and start your first PackVERTISE-campaign. All we need is some information about your business. Right after registering and accepting the T&Cs, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link Ė please click this link and activate your account. Your package plus account has been activated. You can now log in and order the first inserts!

Registration for Online Sellers

02 | Ordering new inserts

Immediately after logging into your PackVERTISE-account, you can see all currently available inserts and order these if you are interested in them. We normally provide a supply for about a month.

Once we receive your order, we will check whether we can supply the inserts to you (fit with advertiserís requirements) and let you know within 24 hours.

Please begin distribution immediately after receiving the inserts. Place the inserts only the consignments, which offer enough space (for example, inserts may not be folded flyer) and please note that a maximum of 3 inserts per package are allowed. If we canít judge your monthly shipping volume (i.e. no eBay-Account), we may ask you for a proof of dispatch (e.g. last months UPS invoice).

03 | Reporting distributed quantities and updating campaigns

Besides sending out the inserts, we only need you to report back on the quantities distributed about 1x a week. This can be very quickly done in your PackVERTISE account and helps us to better plan our capacities and track the progress of our campaigns for advertisers.

You can order new inserts once half of the current inserts are distributed and reported back.

04 | Ending a campaign and receiving credit

Once you have distributed the full quantity, report this in your account. Right after reporting on the site, you will receive an e-mail asking for "manual" confirmation that all inserts were indeed shipped to you. This is a legal requirement, the so-called "Proof of Shipment". Once you have answered to this email, we will pay out your credit at the next monthly payment cycle.

Please note that we carry out test purchases and it is therefore imperative that all suitable shipments contain an insert. Contribute to the quality of our network -only by offering high quality to our advertising partner can we ensure a continuous supply of inserts to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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