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Business Model

01 | Advertiser

provides package inserts or product samples and selects target audience

02 | PackVERTISE

delivers inserts to online sellers and manages and controls network and campaigns

03 | Online Seller

adds insert to shipments and received payment from PackVERTISE

04 | Online Buyer

receives attractive offers and uses coupons and samples


Package inserts are not new and play an important role in attracting new customers, especially in the mail order business.

For online sellers and eBay powersellers, inserts are an attractive way to reduce shipping costs while giving value to customers with attractive and appropriate coupons.

Previously, it was only possible for large online stores to offer insert capacity on the advertising market (e.g. Amazon). However, the largest proportion of shipments in eCommerce is handled by small and medium sellers and online shops, which constitute the attractive long-tail which makes eBay and eCommerce what it is.

Everyone benefits by bundling these insert capacities in a network - online sellers can benefit by earning money through inserts and provide a value-add to their customers, advertisers have the ability to reach an increasingly attractive target group consisting of active online shoppers in a high volume or targeted by category.


The German version of PackVERTISE (called "PaketPLUS") was founded in 2009 by the two former eBay employees Bastian Mell and Alexander Schwinn.

In just three months, the concept and the platform were developed and the first advertisers and online sellers were acquired. In just over 2 years, PaketPLUS gained 3.000 shipping partners with a monthly volume of more than 5 million shipments!

PackVERTISE, the UK network, was launched late 2010 and already convinced more than 350 online sellers with am monthly shipping volume of over half a million shipments.

With the Launch of the French network PaquetPLUS in 2011, PaketLUS has grown into one of the largest European distributor of insert in e-commerce.


February 2009:
Launch of German network PaketPLUS


July 2009:
PaketPLUS - 500 online sellers with over 1,500,000 shipments per month

June 2010:
PaketPLUS 1000 online sellers with over 2,000,000 shipments per month

August 2010:
Launch of the UK network PackVERTISE and Partnership with i-transact


September 2010:
PaketPLUS - 1500 online sellers with over 3,000,000 shipments per month

February 2011:
Start of the online advertising network in Germany

April 2011:
PaketPLUS - 2.000 online sellers with over 4,000,000 shipments per month

October 2011:
Start of the French network PaquetPLUS


November 2011:
PackVERTISE - 350 online sellers with over 500,00 shipments per month

January 2012:
3.000 online sellers in Germany, UK and France with over 5,000,000 shipments per month


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