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References and success stories

Since the start of PackVERTISE late 2010, over 350 sellers with more than 500.000 shipments a month have joined our network.

The German network PaketPLUS, which was started Beginning of 2009, already has become one of the largest distributors of package inserts in Germany, aggregating over 3,000 online sellers with more than 5 million shipments a month.

Our advertising clients include the largest and best known brands on the internet, including Vistaprint, PayPal, Laithwaites Wines and many more.

Read here what our advertising partners have to say about the PackVERTSE network:

01 | Vistaprint & PackVERTISE

„Vistaprint has been working with PackVERTISE since the start and we are delighted with the success of the network. We were able to increase our insert quantities continuously in the last months and are seeing a very good response. The innovative approach to distribute inserts via many smaller sellers is working very well for us. PackVERTISE is an important part of our marketing mix.“
Freya Blesinger, Sr. Marketing Specialist at Vistaprint

02 | More PackVERTISE partners


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