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Products for Advertisers

PackVERTISE is the eCommerce network for targeted insert marketing.

Our network consists of over 350 online stores and sellers on eBay and other marketplaces, shipping up to half a million shipments per month.

As an advertiser, you can specify which partners send out your marketing insert and ultimately which target audience these inserts will reach (eg, female buyers in the "Baby & Kids" categories).

For advertisers we offer different insert concepts:


01 | Full insert

Package Insert - all sizes possible!

Targeting options: Select your target audience by category, product types and demographic characteristics (age, gender, income, interests and hobbies, life stage)

Flyers, brochures, catalogs, samples

Minimum quantity: 50,000 inserts

02 | Partner insert

Two advertisers share front/back of one insert (Format DL)

Cost-sharing of distribution & print production by 2 partners

Low effort: PackVERTISE will handle print production & help find a partner for the insert

Targeting options: Lifestyle, Technology, Media

Minimum quantity: 100,000 inserts

Our Services at a Glance

In addition to the insert concepts shown above, we are happy to offers the following services:
• Print production of your inserts for at an unbeatable price
• Creation and design of your insert according to your specifications
• Consultation and advice on your design, the campaign set-up and tracking mechanisms
• Finding the right partner for a partner insert
• Evaluation and optimization of your campaigns

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